Canada’s Greatest Healer

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To nominate a candidate for Canada’s Greatest Healer, Tweet with the hashtag #CanadasGreatestHealer. While you’re at it you can follow @CanuckHM here. Nominations can be as long and multiple as anyone wishes, though nominations that restrict themselves to 140 characters are encouraged.  Once the list of nominees is assembled, a grand vote will be held during the conference and the results announced in some appropriate manner.

This page tracks the nominations so far.

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Louise Palmer Louise Palmer @profhistscimed

#CanadasGreatestHealer. I vote for Jeanne Mance – she & the Ursulines were there at the very beginning.

8 years ago
Gerry Porter Gerry Porter @ficklesonance

@CanuckHM May I suggest, then, Myra Bennett, though much of her career was in Pre-Confederation Newfoundland. Still: #CanadasGreatestHealer

8 years ago
Katherine Walker Katherine Walker @HistorianKate

@CanuckHM Musing over who I should nominate: Jennie Kidd Trout, Emily Stowe, or James Barry? #Canadasgreatesthealer

8 years ago
CanuckHM CanuckHM @CanuckHM

My nomination for #canadasgreatesthealer is Norman Bethune because of the scale of his vision and fame. from Steve Palmer

8 years ago

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