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Considering Canadian Federal Funding for the History of Health: An Introductory Post

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To coincide with the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine/La Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine and the Canadian Society for the History of Nursing/ l’Association canadienne pour l’histoire du nursing annual meeting running from May 30 – June 1 in Ottawa, I’m writing a series of posts exploring the state of federal funding supporting history of health research in Canada over the past decade with a particular emphasis on graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.

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Windsor’s Nursing Education Archives, the CRC and the Media

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I had a rare day in the limelight recently as the launch of a digital version of the archive of the second Metropolitan School of Nursing (1954-74) got some interest from local media.

For a look at this delightful archive, click here.

The partnership between the University of Windsor History Department and Windsor Regional Hospital seemed to strike a chord.  A big crowd, many of them former students of the school, filled out the lobby of the Met campus in hopes that the archive’s creator, former director of the school, Kathleen Moderwell, might say a few words and she was finally coaxed to the microphone to reflect on the meaning of the school.  Typically self-effacing, she focused our attention on the role of Dorothy Colquhoun, the school’s founding director, her mentor and predecessor.